12 Hour Course Record Challenge

In 2023 we first offered a course record cash prize. If someone set a new course record they would receive a $150 cash prize plus have an additional $150 donated to the current service project on their behalf. If both a male a female broke the course record, both would receive the prize. Nobody broke the record in 2023, so for 2024 the prize is going up to $200! All other details remain the same.

Anyone that breaks the previous record but does not set the new record (meaning someone else in the same year beats it by more) will receive a one time free entry into the 2025 race. We are grateful to one of our multi year participants for funding this incentive! All other details below still apply.

In addition, if anyone is able to set a new course record in the 12 hour race we will award them and a guest of their choosing free entries into the Elevate Race each year for as long as we hold this race! Currently the female course record is 63 miles and the male record is 71 miles.


  • Only one male and one female can set a new course record each year. As an example, if one female runs 64 miles and another runs 65 miles, only the winning runner with 65 miles sets a new course record even though the runner with 64 miles also ran more than the previous record of 63.
  • The two free entries are for the runner that broke the record and a guest of their choosing.
  • Their guest can change each year, but the winning runner cannot give away the one intended for them.
  • The winner and their guest do not need to run the same distances (12 hour / 5k).
  • If any new distances are added in the future they can choose from those as well.
  • If their record is broken in a future year they will not lose their free entries. They will still receive free entries each year for as long as we hold the race.