The course is entirely on the First Baptist and Valley Christian Academy campus in Santa Maria, CA.
During the 5k there will be volunteers throughout the course in order to provide a safe environment for even the youngest of runners. The 12 hour race will have limited course monitors. Each loop is 1.036 miles for the 5k. The 5k is three loops. For the 12 Hour race there is a minor adjustment to make each loop precisely 1 mile. The distances are carefully measured using a measuring wheel covering the shortest possible route around the course. The loop is 60% dirt or grass and 35% asphalt and 5% concrete. It is flat aside from one very small rise. Non-runners call it a hill, but it isn't. The course is on private property and cannot be accessed before the race without permission.

12 Hour runners will need to have either a headlamp or flashlight (& extra batteries) to use on the back portion of the loop where there are no lights. We will have water, Gatorade and bananas for the 5k. The 12 hour participants will also have some solid food to choose from. We hope you have a great time training for and participating in this race!