12 Hour Race - $45
I know we have some adventurous people out there! How far do you think you could run and walk in 12 hours? The race runs from Friday night at 8:45pm until Saturday morning at 8:45am. It will finish 45 minutes before the start of the 5k. This is a great time to test yourself physically and mentally. Would you like to complete your first marathon? In 12 hours you could even walk a marathon if you could finish each mile in just under 28 minutes.

Here's some good news. We'll have some food and drinks to fuel you through the night, and you can take breaks as often as you'd like. Food will include quesadillas, grilled cheese, avocados, chicken broth, soup, rice, snacky items, variety of drinks and likely several more things added on. We have a lady that will be cooking through the whole night. You can order what you want when you pass her, and it will be ready when you finish your next lap. That way you don't have to wait and it will be fresh. There will also be hot drinks including coffee. These items are all freely available for the runners and volunteers, and they will also be available for purchase for anyone not registered for the 12 hour race.

Each lap is 1 mile, and near the start/finish line we'll have an area set up specifically for the 12 hour participants. There will be a timing table marking down each completed lap by each runner. Only complete laps count toward your total distance covered. The only exception is if you are finishing a marathon, 50k or 100k and you will not be going any further. There will be a turnaround point for each of those distances to allow you to finish with the exact distance. The race will change directions after 4 hours and then again after 8 hours. This is shown in more detail on the schedule page.

You're encouraged to bring a comfortable chair, footrest, change of clothes, blankets and anything else that can help make your experience more comfortable. Napping is permitted but not encouraged. Friends and family members are invited to spend the evening there with us at the start/finish supporting and encouraging the participants. Pacers are not allowed and dogs are not allowed. There is no age requirement to participate. Parents are responsible to judge the capability of a child's ability to safely participate, and an adult family member must be present and responsible (either running or monitoring from the start/finish) for a child that is 12 or younger to participate.

There is no minimum number of miles you have to complete. Yes, the person that completes the most loops is the winner, but runners and walkers of all levels are encouraged to set an individual goal and see what they're capable of doing. Races like this are competitive but typically very relaxed. Very few people are capable of running the entire time in a race of this distance. Going through the night also provides a unique experience. There will be a variety of awards for the 12 hour race that are handed out at the 8:45am awards ceremony. See the awards page for details.

As a bonus (or maybe more like a penalty), all 12 Hour participants can also participate in the 5k for free if desired! 12 Hour runners must arrive by 8:00pm Friday evening to receive their race bib and all final instructions before the race begins at 8:45pm sharp.

12 Hour runners will need to have either a headlamp or flashlight (& extra batteries) to use on the back portion of the loop where there are no lights. The 12 hour race will begin counterclockwise and will change directions after 4 hours (12:45am) and again after 8 hours (4:45am).